One Pearl Bank is a development project strategically placed in the Outram Park city centre. This project is spearheaded by Capitaland and was redesigned from the former horse-shoe shaped landmark known as Pearl-Bank Apartments.

After having acquired the Pearl-Bank Apartments by way of a private treaty-agreement, Capitaland immediately embarked on the process of developing One-Pearl Bank. One-Pearl Bank is conveniently located near Outram Park M.R.T Station. This ensures all your transport and commute needs are well taken care of. Regardless of how near or far you leave from Outram Park, accessibility will be none of your worries.

One Pearl Bank Near to Outram MRT Station

One Pearl Bank will comprise of two curved towers which will bear close resemblance to the former building. This is in a bid to preserve the architectural heritage associated with the 38-storeys former Pearl-Bank Apartments. When it is finally completed in 2023, this architectural marvel will indeed be a sight to behold, especially if viewed from the Pearl’s Hill. When the building finally comes up, it will also be one of the most iconic skyscrapers in Singapore, towering to a height of 178m. Even the nearby Pinnacle @ Duxton that stands at 156m will be no match for the One-Pearl Bank.

One Pearl Bank Total Number of Units

Also, the building will comprise of 39 storeys while the total number of prime residential-units in the entire development will be 774. One-Pearl Bank has been pitched as a great place to work and raise your family, and there are plenty of reasons to back that up. First, the development will be endowed with family-friendly facilities such as a guard house, function rooms and a clubhouse. In terms of leisure and outdoor activities, there is a 50m swimming pool, a tennis court, sun deck and BBQ pits. Your children will be able to romp wildly in the development’s spacious children playground. Those looking to work out are not left behind either, thanks to the inclusion of an indoor gym.

One Pearl Bank Floor and Site Plans

Capitaland has ensured flexibility in designing of the property’s floor plans, just to cater to the needs of various buyers. There will be larger 3 and 4 bedroom units for high-end buyers looking for units that offer a perfect view of Chinatown and Outram. Ideally, these bedrooms will go for those looking for large family residences. For those on the lower budget end, there will be the relatively cheaper and smaller 1 bedroom floor-plans.

One-Pearl Bank site plan is yet to be made available. However, projections suggest it will feature notable amenities that are common among many Capitaland development projects in Singapore. Most of these amenities have been highlighted earlier in this post. But for you to have a complete feel of what to expect, you might want to attend the One-Pearl Bank Showflat that will soon be opened for viewing. One-Pearl Bank is a perfect development for anyone looking for a place to work and live in Singapore. Keep your eye out for more updates on the development.

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