Inz Residence Executive Condo is one of the most recent developments that seems to be taking the Real Estate scene by storm. Conveniently located at the green, lush and serene Bukit Bakot in Singapore, Inz Residence has fulfilled the requirements needed to take it to the next level which is customer satisfaction. It is expected to be ready by 2019 as some loose ends, in terms of contract and other important details, have to be tied. Surrounded by all the necessary amenities that make life so much fun, Inz Residence is a project that has the best interests of its clients at heart.

Inz Residence Choa Chu Kang EC Qingjian

Recreational centers and facilities such as a fully-stocked and well- architecture shopping mall near Inz Residence is not too conveniently located to suit all kinds of preferences. This is especially true for those looking to tour Singapore with their families and have a splendid time. After a hard day’s work, the owners of the newly purchased EC are at liberty to come home to either a session at the tennis court or enjoy a few hours of meditation and relaxation at the serenity of the cool and lush Bukit Batok.

Inz Residence EC Launching Chinese New Year

Not too far away, there is a shopping center which is fully equipped for the interests of residence and visitors alike. It will be after Chinese New Year. At the shopping center, you are assured of an eating joint whose menu is upgraded with a wide variety of delectable cuisines to choose from. What’s more, there is always something new to try out in the menu. The shopping Center sits on 16,386.1sqm worth of prime land and is only a short walk away from permanent residences. This was a perfect location owing to the fact that it is well conditioned and the conditions are just right for people to unwind as they talk over some food and drinks.

Inz Residence Lunar New Year

That’s not all, entertainment outlets are not too far from Inz Residence EC, not to mention the readily available transport options including direct train to the City Center for those that are a bit too tired to walk. What more could you possibly ask for? Inz Residence EC is just heaven on earth! The floor plan for this development is simply amazing. It accommodates approximately 490 apartments meaning you are at liberty to choose which one ticles your fancy. For school going kids, there is a school that offers quality education and does not compromise on your child’s academic well-being but strives to lay the best foundation in the academic sector. Colleges are also available and you only have to drive for a few minutes away from Inz Residence EC.

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