Hongkong land has almost 450,000 square meters property that is functional in Hong Kong. Further invested through a joint venture in property of around 165,000 square meters in Singapore on which different offices are in operation. In Beijing, a famous luxury trade center located at Wang Fiji street was an investment and developmental deal that was also closed by Hongkong land group. The new development is called Parc Esta and it is developed by MCL Land.
Furthermore, they have an office plaza at Jakarta which it was owned at 50% interest. Along with professional investments this company also make deals related to luxury residential areas, market property and other random property developmental projects in different cities of China and Asia specifically southeast side of Asia. MCL land is a secondary company of Hongkong land operating in Singapore and deals with residential area property.

Hongkong Land Parc Esta Condo

Based on its progressive success Hongkong land group manages to incorporate themselves with Bermuda and maintained a position on London stock exchange list. While MCL land the secondary company is listed in Singapore and Bermuda. All the asset management and investment decisions are made by HK land from the headquarters that is in Hong Kong. Jardine group and Hongkong land groups are members sharing an equal percentage of the shareholdings.

Hongkong Land MCL Eunosville Enbloc Singapore

HK land deals mainly with the local companies located mostly in the Asian continent. It makes its arrangements through partnership so that it can bring in the market expertise, knowledge and experiences of other cities and benefiting own business. In return, they offer their experience and assistance towards developmental and investment decision of profitable properties. HK land utilizes and learns the best practices that are being experienced in the renowned nations. Further this groups in association with Jardine Matheson group give them a strategic leverage. As Jardine’s are one of the recognized Asian group that is operating in different countries of the world and has strongly rooted in the UK.

Hongkong Land Eunosville HUDC Eunos MRT Station

A tricky question, but the price of Parc Esta is fairly substantial to provide a high-quality development project lasting over 99 years. Over $180 million is being used renovate the existing plot land in the hope to increase its life expectancy and ensure a project that is worthwhile for generations to come.

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